Video and Editing

I also have capabilities to shoot video and edit.  I prefer short videos, with unique angles and dance like editing.  Here are some of my projects, for dance and Pilates.  Please let me know if you are interested in collaborating.


Isolated in their own worlds, they crave a connection.  The feeling of coming home.  Coalescing in a new realm.


Pregnancy can spur on an identity crisis.  Who am I and what kind of mother will I be to this baby?  Who am I now and who will I become?

All of the Exits are Lit

A draw away for sequestration into a life of meaning, feeling, direction, and purpose.

Madonna Turns 60

An homage to the great Madonna, Pilates Style.  That's me as Madonna!

Standing Mat Work

I filmed and edited the Standing Mat Work from Joseph Pilates.